Thursday, 29 November 2007

The girls...yes, BOTH of THEM!

On Wednesday, I got a chance to meet the up-and-coming world conquerers at the same time. Yes, not just Clare...but we are talking about 2 of them. Clare & Lucky!

Actually, Lucky had just finished getting her massage (at Pawsitive Sensations) from Mummy when Clare came by to visit! Ok, before I get ahead of myself, here's the sweet little thing...Lucky (the wings are loaned from Aunty L.)

The cutie pie looks belie the terror that is within...I mean, what kind of babe rolls around in her, uh, poo? Hahahaha!!!

Here she is dominating Clare. Crazy huh. Afterall, Clare has a scary korkor called Barn2...obviously Lucky hasn't met the man. =P

Here's the expression Lucky gave me when I came to the store after she stopped playing with Clare... She must be wondering what the heck am I. Cos, I think, I'm the first "adult" doggy she's met.

She became a wee bit shy. See Clare and I just romping and playing? Lucky's at the back seeking her Daddy to save her. I hope she gets braver...cos its more fun when there are more pals in the group to play together. =)

We all had so much fun! I hope Dexter comes the next time Clare and Lucky are around. Dexter and I are best of pals and Mummy says that Clare and Lucky are just like the female puppy versions of us! Can't wait to meet again!

(by the way, you can read the details of the events from Clare and Lucky's points of view)

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Grand Opening of K9 Kampus

The past Sunday, 25th of November, we celebrated the Grand Opening of the whole Kampus area! I had so much fun that by the time it was 3pm I got so tired already. I was bz doing my job as a PR doing and said greetings to customers and smiled for pictures.

Here's the start of the day...some people have come to register for the goodie bags. That's the store on the right. There was also nice tents over the roads to keep the place cool and sheltered.

Here's Aunty Grace (Furby's Mum) at her post selling dog food. In the background, you can view the stage. A lady DJ was announcing offers and telling people all about each shop here.

Here's Uncle Josiah giving a quick tour of the place. Look at the corgis! They are my new buddies. =D

US Doggy!! You can see Aunty Sharon preparing the dough. She's promised me a big pressie for christmas. I can't wait!

Here, Daddy is trying to steal the picture. Pah...I got distracted.

Try again...arrgh! Distracted. Not my fault lah. There are dogs everywhere. I gotta check 'em all out.

I wonder what these people are lookin' at....

OH!!!! WATER!!! I DIDN'T GET TO PLAY!!!! *complain* (Mummy: Benny must be MAD. The pool is way too deep for a stunted fella like him.)

Anyway, back at the store some doggies came in for a massage session. Here's one nice looking MS. His name is Hammer. Cool huh.

Well, like I said, it was tiring stuff being the PR dog and all that. Oh yah, I want to say hi to uncle zee. Here's a nice photo he took of me! And no...I wasn't distracted. Honest!

Friday, 23 November 2007

Sarong Baby

Mummy was having fun wrapping me up lately. I'm not sure whats her joy in it though...can someone explain it to me? She's always smiling and grinning when i'm wrapped up like a a sushi roll or something.

So here I was trying to sleep. Trying cos you can see me squeezing my eyes shut. If i weren't TRYING to sleep, I wouldn't be squinting. I was actually attempting to ignore Mummy hovering around me.

When I get awoken and carried off in the towel. Next thing I hear, "Benny, STAY." I mean, my right ear hasn't even woken up yet!?!?!

*Struggle* *Squirm* Yay! I'm free!...

But just as I almost complete my houdini escape, Mummy wraps me up even tighter. Ack.

And I can't escape! In fact I fall over trying...

Have no fear. I, Benny the !Xobile escape artiste will practise hard and triumph over the wrapper trick! =)

Announcement from us @ Pawsitive Sensations: This sunday, 25th Nov, will be the grand opening celebrations of K9Kampus which is where our store is. If you are free, come down and enjoy the fun and discounts! =) Come say 'Hi' to me ok? I will either be at the store or at the bakery. Teehee!

Monday, 19 November 2007

An Excellent You Tube Video!!!

Mummy and I couldn't stop laughing when we saw this video. In fact, Mummy howled so loud I almost had to stop the video cos I wanted to hear the fabulous song.


Friday, 16 November 2007

My best bud came!

Dexter came last week to visit me and have his mega long massage done in the midst of everything. I missed him and when we met, it was as if we never left each other and started runnin' and wrestlin' all over again!

Mummy reminiscence the time Dexter stayed over at our house and she had her legs up on the chair to avoid: (1) SALIVA, (2) FLYING FUR, (3) FLYING DOGS, (4) SALIVA & FUR =P

Watch this! Flatten the ears to avoid the slime...

Dexter then ran to his Mummy for support...eep! Squeeze under the chair! Can't let him get away!

Quick pounce on him while he is down for count! Garrrgh!!!!

Occasionally I gotta give my bud the upperhand.....

NOT!!!! =P

Well, at the end of the day, Mummy says to show the evidence of why she kept her feet up. So here's the hair we "ripped" out from each other that morning. =D

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Lamb Cheese Pie

Monty and Jazze's mummy was real nice to me the day that I wasn't at the shop for the usual "mini-party" after their regular massage sessions. Aunty G bought some goodies for me and asked mummy to feed it to me at home. I like her. =D

Here's the Lamb and Cheese Pie. Mummy gave me 2 at a time and made sure I ate it slowly and enjoyed it.

Yum yum! Looks like a smiley face yes?

First I go for my usual Salmon and Oatmeal kibbles. They smell really nice... I'm avoiding the pies cos mummy warmed them up and I had not yet figured out how to dismember the pie.

Hmm...sniff the pie... droool...

Arrgh, I'll try the whole-thing-in-mouth technique!


Now for number 2!!!

Now sure if you can see the video, but you can sure HEAR me eat! =P
Chomp chomp! This is the set of another 2 pies that I got the next morning for breakfast. =D

Thursday, 8 November 2007

The Green Slipper

I have to own up to my naughtiness. Mummy says I have to admit my mistakes. Bah.

See...what happened was that a few days ago, Mummy was giving Evo (this puppy Golden Retriever) his physiotherapy at the store. Because I couldn't help myself and kept getting in the way, she hooked my leash to the glass door handle to keep me in the waiting room.

I could see her and Evo! I wanted to play! Could you blame me? =P So I opened my big mouth and barked. Ack. Mistake numero uno. No barking allowed. Mummy came over and scolded me big time. So I decided to amuse myself a different way. =)

I could reach her bedroom slipper and I started gnawing at it. A smart dog like me hid behind the basket so she didn't know for a long time. But dumb dog like me forgot that when I got too INTO the moment, I make a lot of noise chewing. So i got caught. =P

Here are the photos of evidence that Mummy made me pose for.

Heh heh...I'm INNOCENT!!!

See the "dental floss"? Maybe thats why my teeth are so clean! =D

Sorry mummy...but at least the other slipper is intact. See? I was not a greedy boy. Only took one slipper. =P

Teehee!!! Wonder if she'll give me the other slipper.... =P

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Candy Stripes!

This blog entry is my preparation for the season of red and green. Mummy was telling me that its a time when things get nicely decorated and people give people pressies. I don't really remember anything happening last year, so this year, I'm already preparing for it. =)

See this?

Mummy says its a stick of rawhide. Its got a nice coloured stripe around it.
Here I am chewing it with my left jaw...

And here I am chewing it with my right jaw...

Notice that it is getting shorter.

And shorter.

Lastly, turn up the volume to HEAR the squishy sounds that I make when chomping on this nice stick! Squishy!

Yay...I can't wait for the fun to begin. Presents galore!
I give this treat 3 paws out of 5 for the fun sounds it makes =)

Thursday, 1 November 2007

The babe...

I got to meet a small corgi puppy called Clare. She's so...SMALL. Aunty Lorna brought her to the store for a visit. I wanted to play with her and to welcome her into the family, but Clare was smart. She would try and nip me and when she loses or when I accidentally play too rough (Mummy: Benny can ACCIDENTALLY play rough?!?!?!?!) I get yanked away by Mummy.

Here's us posing together. Clare's in the cage so that we'd sit still for a while...

Notice her wet ears? =D

Mummy says that Clare's little paws are so PINK!

Back to real Clare...the Terror! (see more on Barn2's Blog)

Here she is trying to destroy her Mummy's camera strap...

And here, we find that Clare is ticklish! She doesn't like her paws tickled nor the wind blowing in her ears. =P She's so strange. I can sleep through all that...

At the end of the day, everyone is tired. Sleep is the natural course of a corgi's day.

Can't wait to meet her again...I think Mummy likes Clare alot. I really hope that Clare will be a nice friend to me. I wanna play, just got to wait for her to get a bit bigger. =)