Monday, 3 May 2010

Another Slipper Incident

A slipper? What slipper? Apparantly I did something to some slipper a couple years ago (not that i remember).

Well....i did another one. I mean, if I haven't done it in a LOOOOOOOOOONG time, I can be forgiven right?

Oh....THAT slipper...can u see it? As usual i only attacked one and left the other slipper intact so mummy can still use it. =P

Close up. =P

The evidence....

Yah, i had to sit here and look guilty.

Quick! Give the pleading eyes of forgiveness....

Apparantly it worked...and mummy decided to furminate me.

Its spring afterall and we doggies are shedding off the winter coat. =)

Well, obviously this is a delayed blog entry since mummy isn't at home with me at the moment. But I've been a good boy and Daddy has been really nice to me too and loves me twice as much to make up for Mummy's absence. =)

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Its ME said...

left slipper tastes nicer, right? have a wonderful time benny