Monday, 1 October 2007

I have morphed! Into two!!!

Hi everyone! Something strange happened the other day. I disappeared from the shop all day...and when I reappeared, I became a PAIR of CAVALIERS!!!

Gah!!!! I didn't really understand what was going on. My triangle ears vanished and in its place, long sweeping floppy ears took shape. My hair was no longer short, I got longer smoother coats. And my fur pattern became patchy.

The weirdest thing...I kinda became 2 dogs! I could see so many things at the same time. Because of that, I turned a bit shy. If you had so many changes, wouldn't you become all shy too? =P

(Mummy: Benny's spouting rubbish again. He's just jealous that Brandy and Butter came over to the store and hung out. He missed interacting with them that's all.)

Here I am...I mean, we are...erm, watever:

On a different note, Aunty Lorna updated Barn2 and Marky's blog. She spoke about Chinese names...I have none. But for information on my middle name, !Xobile, read this.


Barn2 said...

Benny, my Mummy just sent you a whole list of Chinese calligraphy sketches with the equivalent of your name.She got it from internet. We both can't read it (she failed her Mandarin in school)so your Mummy will have to read it to you. Am sure it sounds like "Ben- Ni". Please dont morph into two KC spaniels. I am getting used to you as a fellow corgi....and we can be friends. I growl at spaniels (especially Cocker Spaniels!)

Luckie Girl said...

Are they your girlfriends Benny?? :P

Barn2 said...

Hey Benny- which one of you will be in on Fri morning? Brandy or Butter....or back to Benny? Hee hee....Mummy's bringing me there again. This time for swimming!
U going to be around? Wanna SWIM with me? Hee hee....

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Benny, you must be deprived of the yummy cookies cos you are actually hallucinating! Cos no male doggie in their right mind wants to be a gal! We have more fun right? (No offense to the lovely ladies)