Sunday, 27 June 2010

Making more friends at Shoreline Dog Park

Last weekend Mummy and Daddy brought me out to Shoreline Dog Park on a late Sunday afternoon. The weekend was slow so I had so much to catch up with....sniffing, peeing, barking, running, and...pooping.

First friend I met was a terrier called Sammy. She's young and SUPER active. I mean, look at her ears fly!

There were 2 groups of greeters. The small dogs group (in the background) and the big dogs group. Of course, I was with the big dogs. =)

While roaming the park, I found a nice human who scratched my back for me. He did a great job!

Then I met this fella! Yay! An invitation to play!

*Bark! Bark!* Run Run!*

(Mummy: Benny spends more energy yelling at them. He's more a referee than anything else.)

I decided to invite more play. See my stance? Butt up, front down...ok, i know its not as obvious.

Yay! PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yikes! He used his superior height to challenge me!

I shall use my superior lowness and uh, roll around.
(Mummy: It was AWFUL. He got so much dirt in his coat that he was DUSTY after the play. arrgh.)

Here we are showing off our superiorities! Wee!

Sneak attack! Ear flap attack! =D

On the other side of the park Sammy was running up a storm....

And this cute dude kept staring at Daddy that the photo came out perfect!

And Sammy kept running and fetching...

Her legs were swooshing around so fast!

Break time! More hellos to everyone.

More poopers too.

This JR was getting a timeout. He ocassionally instigated a couple of quarrels. Hee...

Yet another pretty and nice clean white doggy!

Finally! Sammy is sitting still...and that's only cos her parents are holding a tennis ball in their hands...hee!

She's kinda cute eh?

Well. until next time folks! =)

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Prep Work for Camping

I think Mummy and Daddy bought me a BIG mobile doggy house. =)

See? Isn't it HUGE??? I like it!

It's MINE. I'm never coming out. It is cosy and yet spacious.

I approve of this purchase of the mobile doggy home....wonder where Mummy and Daddy's mobile human home is...

Oh! I see. Daddy says this thing, called a tent, is OURS. Right. I get it now.

It even has windows. Good that Daddy can reach it for me. =P

Mummy wants us to pose!

The Setho boys in our tent! =)

I can't wait to go camping!!!!!!!

Friday, 11 June 2010

A Looooong Walk Through Mountain View

Wowie...finally Mummy felt well enough to bring me out for a super duper long walk (maybe to prep me for another hike? camping?). It was about 2 miles long. Whew...felt longer for a doggy with short legs you know.

Here's our first stop...aren't the flower pretty?

Its DQ! Dairy Queen...they have great milkshakes and mummy likes the chilli hotdog thingy they sell.

Can you see lanterns? It belongs to the Japanese restaurant next to DQ. Mummy and Daddy likes the restaurant. They have relatively cheap lunch ramen sets...not that I would know! *complain*

We continued along California St. Here I am between San Antonio Shopping Centre (walmart, daiso, 24 Fitness, etc) and...I'm hungry! Can you tell?

No food just yet. Gotta cross the road.

Oooh, nice neighbourhood! Think I can make it mine? Pee....

I smell food...

This place is a great rest stop! There's a bench, there's pretty flowers. I got my treats and lots of water! Yippie!

And then, just a bit further down the road, Mummy got her lunch too! Look at the menu. *drool*

Are you buying something for me? Mummy? Helloooooo?

The smells in here are amazing! Arrgh...i want....i!

With no hope of scraps coming my way, Mummy said we need to go home soon. To take the underpass through San Antonio Caltrain Station (behind me).

Ooo...a cyclist. Think i can hitch a ride? I'm tired.

Huff puff...huff puff... "we're almost home". That's what Mummy keeps saying to make me walk.

Well, anyway, ultimately, it was alot of fun! So many many sights! I peed and I pooed. I am a Mountain View doggy!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010 entries....yet

Hey everyone!

Mummy's awfully sick since she got home last week. She arrived Monday but on wednesday she caught some awful bug and fell ill...and even today, she's still sick. Good news is that she saw a vet for people (Mummy: a doctor) and got medication.

Hope she gets well real soon so I can update my blog better. =P

We'll be back soon!

Mummy: Well, Benny snapped out of his anti-social behavior once I reached home. Apparantly he didn't want to go anywhere, especially into the car when I was away. We think its because he didn't want to miss my arrival back. I didn't get to see any of this strange behavior for once I got home, he was instantly back to normal. =) I think he missed the family hugs we always have.
In the meantime, I'm down with a nasty flu and chest infection. Benny is kind of mimicking my illness by not barking as much and resting around the house next to me more. Such a sweet boy.