Sunday, 22 February 2009

Chloe Snake Tongue

We've decided to give Chloe a red-indian name - Snake Tongue. And NO, its not because its forked or because she lies alot. Its because she does this funny thing with her tongue that makes her look like she's tasting the air.

But first is Chloe's ALPACA look.

She indignantly dislikes that name so now she's giving us the "I'm NOT an ALPACA! I'm a CUTE CORGI!"

Right ho. Surely she's "cute". heehee... this is my favourite picture. The TONGUE!

Is the above look just simply priceless??? Hohohohoho!!! Here's how u activate Chloe Snake Tongue. This is her backside:

You need to scratch the portion just above the tail and this is what you get. Enjoy the video! =)

Sunday, 15 February 2009

I am cock-eyed?

Once again, mummy's been laughing at me. Especially when I look upwards. At first I thought I was giving a cute face but that she'd looked at me and she'd point at my eye balls and telling daddy that my right eye ball looks "off" to the side.

What? Cock-Eyed? What's that? I think i can see just fine...thank you very much.
(mummy: My theory is that benny does ocassionally have "double vision" which may explain why he always thinks that the smallest morsel of food is worth doing tricks for. =D )

Bleah. Mummy says that you need to look at the following photos. Apparantly its very obvious if you look at the white parts of my eye. I still don't get it and I fervently deny this cock-eyed thing.

This is how it all started. Mummy was pointing the camera at me and daddy stood over me...then i'd get distracted and i'd look up...

I don't see what on earth mummy's talking about. Do you?

(Mummy: How much more proof do you need???? Notice his left eye is looking straight up and the right eye is observing something else. hoho...he's got some chameleon blood in him!)

What? What proof?

I'm the most even-eyed corgi around! =P

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Zeus' funny face

Remember my goofy face? =P

Guess what? My good friend Zeus the Samoyed, almost made the same expression!

Haha....his mouth is so big. =D
Here's a picture of what Zeus normally looks like, for those of you who don't know him and thinks he might be some crazee fella. Haha!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Corgi RockBand

Woohoo! Have you heard us corgis? We're like an awesome pawsome All-Corgi rock band. We got the attitude and we got the looks. Sound-wise...i beg to differ from what Mummy thinks. Of course we sound great! (Mummy: If 'great' means causing loud nasty sounds like make me go deaf, he's right.)

Here we are. As usual, COCO(NUT) is the first to notice the paparazzi is here. Yes, she's the one with the biggest smile. She's our Drummer. She has a nice sassy fluffy coat that she wears all the time just to show off the beat when she plays.

Coco got Boo's attention. Notice Boo at the back. She's our Bass Guitarist. The mooody one. She loathes the paparazzi attentions. She'll be going off and sitting in the corner by herself. She plays a mean bass anyway and every band needs a drama-queen. =P

There she is, off to the side.


Sometimes I forget that I'm the tallest. I should remember not to stand up during the photoshoots huh. So I'm not the most obvious...hmm...I'm now the lead-guitarist. I got nifty fingers (not!) and anyway, I'm not allowed to sing. Mummy says so. Bleah. So tahdah! Roo is our singer! He has the largest set of lungs and howls like crazy!

Here's our classic Band pose.
Roo in the middle (Lead Singer), myself on the left (Lead guitarist), Coco on the right (Drummer) and Boo trying to look moody (Bass guitarist). =)

One more picture for the road! (hmm...looks like another corgi is trying to throw herself into the mix....i believe its Yuki...)

Last but not least, every band also has its own strange sleeping habits. These two...yah, I think the photo speaks for itself.

Until next time!