Thursday, 17 November 2011

Peppermint Oreo Cookies

Today Mummy went out for about half and hour to do some grocery shopping...
When she came home well...the first thing she saw on the floor was this:

Then she stared at me...

And found this:

Along with this:

I wasn't feeling guilty at first. Nom nom...

Then mummy scolded me. =(

And made me pose with the stuff i tore up. =(

Well, i confess...I ate 18 LIMITED EDITION Peppermint Oreos. Mummy ate 2 last night. She's really upset that I took it off the coffee table.

I admit. I'm guilty. I'm sorry Mummy. I admit I fell into temptation. =(
But you still love me right? =D

(Mummy: Yes, of course I still love the silly boy. Sigh. He is presently looking slightly ill. Duh. Now i have to keep an eye on him.)

Monday, 7 November 2011

Pet Pride Day 2011 - San Fran, CA

* galore!!!*

So Mummy told me that she is proud to have me as her pet. I'm her PET??? =P
Daddy's also proud of me so they decided to dress me up.

*&^%$#@@@!!!! Look at me!

Oh, ok, so it's not some goofy costume. I'm supposed to be Count DOG-CULA! Bwahahaha...

Not a bad impression eh? ;) And off we went on a road trip to San Francisco! Thank God for nice sunny weather too!

Plenty of other dogs there had costumes on too. We all didn't really mind it. Afterall, there were friends to be made, things to pee on, treats to eat and time to spend with your humans. =)

Look! A Tootsie Roll?

This lady was dressed up WITH all 3 of her Chihuahuas for the pet costume contest.

We bumped into Bailey!

I think he is supposed to a count too...of...?

Two Counts sniffing each other. =P He better beware of my fangs...hee...

Whoa! Red horns! What the devil?!?

*queue superman music*

Mummy always loved this costume...good thing she doesn't want me to wear one...yet. BANANA SPLIT!

This is daddy's all-time fav. A jockey!

Not a costume...he's up for adoption!

See water anywhere? There's a yellow submarine run aground!


Eh... what a pretty princess...*gulp*

And there were other animals at the fair. A speckled rooster...

And a pigeon!

And a lion too!

This dachshund is scary...mummy no like spiders...

Little miss muppet...sat on her tuppet and made friends with the scary spider...

The human was SO proud of her pet that she broke out of jail to join in the fair!

Oooo! Another corgi. She's named Kiko! How cute right? And she's in a Panda suit! Kawaii!

SF 49er's FAN!!!

Here are the semi-finalists of the pet costume contest:
A hot-air balloonist!

Green Grapes!

The plumber?

A pirate! (check out the mustache!)

The good 'ol USPS mailman!

Prince William and the bride and sister.

A belly dancer.

A cod fish? Check out the "air bubble" balloons on the leash!

Santa Claus and his "reindeer". Yep...they brought a pony to the fair!

Harry Potter...

Hermione and Dumbledore...

And Ron Weasley.

The Cater-Dog

A lobster on a platter. (Yep, that's the name of the costume!)

After that parade they had us clear the mid section of the park for a frisbee show! Wee!

Plenty of HANG TIME! Check out all these pawsome pics!

Even a dachshund showed up!!!

Great height achieved!

And this guy has really interesting horizontal flying approach!

This dog just LOVES his frisbee!

Well that's it for Pet Pride Day 2011! It was pawsome!!!!