Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Soft Launch for the Kampus!!!

Last saturday was a very happening day cos it was the soft launch of the whole area where Mummy's store, Pawsitive Sensations, is located. The current clients were invited to view the place and celebrate its opening.

I was put into the car that morning but the interesting thing was...Daddy came along! It was strange... then I was put almost immediately into the daycare area and there were so many many dogs and so many many cars and so many many people watching us dogs. It felt different.

Then I could hear the booming voice of uncle Josiah (he wears a cowboy hat), owner of K9Kulture and dog trainer. He started hollering loudly and was smiling happily the whole time. The people moved wherever he hollered. That was the next different thing.

After that the humans got herded into the dormitory area and agility was demonstrated. Then it was Mummy's turn to talk! She explained to them what dog massage therapy is for and how it can help their dogs. Storm was nice enough to be the "model". Haha! Here she is talking...

And here the humans are being herded from one place...

To another place...

At the end of the day, Aunty Sharon from US Doggy came to visit me at the Pawsitive Sensations store. She teased me!!! I know that she loves me...but why torture my poor soul with a treat that is out of reach...*wah!!!* Even Storm was watching me be miserable. Boo hoo... (Benny's Mum: the brilliant dog shows his longing for the treat. He scratched at the glass door, then licked at the gap btwn the door & floor, then licked the door itself. What a greedy dog!)

ANYWAY, Dexter came to visit later in the afternoon (thanks to Aunty Lorna for bringing him over!)! I was so happy!!! Boy oh boy, we played and played...and uh, played! Even Butter, Aunty Sharon's Cavalier, was in the shop. But (no pun here) she didn't interact much. Oh well.

Ok, back to snoozes...and sweet dreams! I can't wait for more events!


Barn2 said...

You are a very fortunate dog, Benny! Right in the middle of the action every day....Not to mention the treats you get. Remember, the two legged ones want you to take the treats.So dont work too hard. They will give it to you eventually. Hee hee.

wally said...

Whoa! That looks like a cool place and it looks like you are doing a good job attracting customers! I wish I could come get a massage but my ma ape says it's a little too far for us to travel.


Ume said...

dat was meanie of Aunty Sharon to tease u like dat... think i would have licked the glass door too. *slurp*

Genevieve said...

Would love to bring my boy to your mummy's shop for a massage one day! But Caesar's dislikes males that growls, even when he's the offensive one in the 1st place.

But if you don't growl even when he's getting real rude and fierce, you 2 can really befriend each other awhile later!

Caesar's a 4yrs old Alaskan Malamute!

Benhur Xobile said...

Hi everyone! Yeps, I am the mostest fortunest-est doggest in townest! =) Mummy says I got things so good here that she may have to cut back on my play time cos I might just play myself to death. Who ever heard of that????

I sure hope all of you who can come please do! You can beg ur parents to let you have a massage. =D Wally, maybe you can wish your way here. Mummy says she'll keep you in her thoughts when she massages me. =P

Ume and Caesar, come on down!!! I would love to be friends with everyone in person. We can go beg for food together. hahaha!!!