Saturday, 26 May 2007

The Trip to Grandparents' Home

Couple days ago, Mummy went to bring Grandma out for a girls day out and Grandpa said that he wanted me to keep him company. Mummy thought it was a good idea. Smart woman. =P

So I spent the afternoon at my grandparents' place. I love it here...I get to eat dried fruits and grandpa brought me out on a walk! I lost steam outside and grandpa had to carry me somewhere quiet to rest before playing again but, its so good!!!! Except for that one moment when I was attempting to do my dog thing and rub myself against a few musky and fine-smelling lumps of cow dung in the grass. Grandpa suddenly swooped out of nowhere and carried me off to a smell-less area. Oh well. Missed my man-perfume opportunity there.

So here I am back from the walk at my grandparents' home chilling out.

in the living room...

on my grandpa's lap...

outside my grandparents' bedrm...(i was waiting for grandma to finish her nap see?)

sitting next to mummy using the computer to type this in...

I hope to return again soon! More treats...more walks and next time, I'll see if I can get grandpa to carry me the whole way eh?

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