Sunday, 6 May 2007

The Day Dog Drool Ruled with Massages

The 3rd of May was simply awesome pawsome! So many friends came over to the house! 2 of the Jack Russell Terriers were here to redeem their prepaid massage sessions and 2 Golden Retrievers were here to well...PLAY!

Wait a second. One golden slept most of the time. That's Herbie. When he first came over, he was so much fun and I pulled at his ears until they were dripping wet. This time he was like an old man. Sleepy and tired. We played a bit but I think he enjoyed the massage by Mummy most that day.

This is the first time I met the new little brother, Helios! He is like only 4 months old but he's taller than I am and as long too! Wah...He was so full of energy so I spent at least 75% of my time and energy playing with him and drooling on his head. Hahahaha! Boy were his ears soaking wet at the end of the fun eh?

The 2 JRTs were kinda shy but still interactive. For once, a small dog liked me! Joey actually licked my face and wanted to play. He was funny cos Helios would take my Galileo bone and chew on it (he is teething), then he'd lose it and Joey would swiftly sneak in and hold the huge Galileo in his tiny mouth. I knew he was a sharer so I kinda let him hold it while I chewed. =)

Jack was the one who had the most stress. Poor old guy had problems in his leg and spine already so the therapy he got from Mummy was probably making wonder what was going on. But before and after his therapy, he would come and butt heads with us too! It was funny to see the small, medium and large breeds all play together.

I sure hope to meet up again with them soon. I'm practicing my drooling techniques...just you wait...beware Helios...your ear flaps will be soggy once again! Bwahaha....


Helios said...

I wanna go back and play too! My M had to rinse my head when we reached home coz she said I was wet. But didn't rinsing me make me wetter? hmmm....

Benny said...

I can help you rinse off. Not a problem at all dude!!! In fact, I might be really good at rinsing...*idea*

Hope to meet again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!