Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Kids, Treats and Me

This afternoon I did something different. Mummy brought me out and to a strange building in the middle of a money-making district of Singapore. I didn't see any other dogs or smelt other dogs in the area so I was quite excited.

Here's me waiting for something to happen near the lobby of the building.

Suddenly, Mummy brought me to the second floor and I heard children! So many kids...I wanted to play and say 'Hi!' (see me eager eyes and face???) but Mummy held me back first until the children sat down quietly.

Then Mummy started telling the small children about how to be kind to animals and doggies. No shouting, no throwing things and no kicking animals. She told them about how to be polite and safe when meeting other doggies or pets in the street - must ask permission, be gentle, don't touch the head first, etc. So much talking...I couldn't wait for the interaction to begin! I wanted to say 'HI!!!!"

And finally it started when Mummy took out the TREATS!!! Beef liver love those. Then, the kids got a chances to feed me the treats and touch me. I was surrounded by kids!!! I got so many treats!!! I was very gentle with them. I didn't jump up and I took treats from their hands very carefully.

Look! Kids!!! Here's where I left them touch my back first because they were shy...

And here's more!!!!!!!!

Then Mummy spoke talk talk. I wanna play with the kids more! I like this picture of Mummy. She looks so weird and the kids are listening to her and I'm just staring at the kids and willing them with all my might to give me more treats.

Here's a video of me and mummy during the session. Its a bit dark at the first parts but you can hear the Oh yah, I didn't bark at all...probably because I was too busy thinking of the treats. haha!

It was fun! I hope to meet more kids someday and teach them about how nice we doggies are, and how to be kind to animals and to keep your pets for life. Oh, and by the way, one of the kids said 'Bye' to my mummy but called her 'Benny'. Hahahaha! Kids are so funny.


Debbie said...

Your dog is really sweet.

Gigi, Slurpee, Nachos and Murrey said...

Wow Benny, you and your mummy really did something good to educate the kids about us!
*thumbs up*