Sunday, 20 May 2007

The experience after a fun day

I had alot alot alot of fun at the PetMover's Dog Run with my pals...C & C (Chester and Cody). Mummy tricked me into jumping over boards, going through tunnels and walking up and down a narrow ramp. You see, I'm what Cody's mum calls a 'foodie'.

Yes, i'm the goon who can be tricked into doing practically anything as long as you wave food treats in front of my face. I can't help it. The food you know, it has a hypnotic effect on me. The danger around me is ...uh, what danger? Food .... yum... food....

So anyway, my experience starts after Mummy and Daddy tricked me into jumping into the pond at the dog run. They hovered a nice piece of treat over the water and I volunteered to throw myself in. Then they made me swim around just to see if I would. I came out asap. I'm not a waterbaby.

By the time we got home, I thought I was dry but Daddy said 'shower!'. So here's the pictures of me SUFFERING in the shower. It starts like this....body gets wet first...

You are laughing aren't u. Here i'm going lathered up. I actually like this part cos it feels like a good scratch. (notice how my head is hanging outside the shower area. I'm planning my escape...)

Still smiling? I'm staring intently at the doorway now...

And then I got my tail end rinsed off....quick the door!!!

*Mumble* Grumble* Guess Daddy caught me planning my escape...had to get my face washed first.

I'm dry now and I smell good. No more swimming pools for me (except if there's food hovering over the surface.). Thanks for laughing with me...or at me. =)

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Lorenza said...

Hi, Benny.
Its nice to know that you had a fun day. Sorry you were not so happy with your bath. I love baths!
Have a nice day.