Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Pet Movers Dog Run - Second Trip!

Wee....!!!! Last weekend, the day after getting to go to the talk on the Rescue Rangers, Mummy and Daddy brought me to go visit my new friends at the Petmovers Dog Run. It was great! The place was crowded with dogs everywhere. Big and small, furry and hairy, brown and black and white and grey.

Wowie. It was just amazing. (by the way, the post on the shower thing was just after this dog run trip.) I played with my friends in the smaller area that had the smaller agility course for tinier dogs. Honestly, small??!??!???!?! Puh-leeez.

I've never seen an agility course before but I did what they wanted me to do apparantly cos I got lots of treats and praises when I jumped over the boards, walked through the tunnel and up and down the ramp. Between you and me, I just looked at the treat. (Mummy: yep, he did. Benny couldn't be bothered about where his feet and butt went and almost fell off the ramp twice. haha!)

This is a picture of Cody, Chester and me (left to right). There are the 4 mth old versions of me!

Here's another pic of just the 2 of them. I love those two brothers...=)

And here I am with Mummy up the ramp...treat treat! See the number of dogs in the background? Woohoo!!! PLAY!!!!

Here's Furby's mum (see Furby?) asking me to jump over with a treat. (Mummy: Benny's front legs are in the most cute and funny position!!!)

Here's Furby showing off that he can leap over 2 boards. I have short legs ok...and I think just walking around is safer and more prudent. =) (Note: Furby isn't well now...let's keep him in our thoughts.)

My airborne stance. Nice?

Here's Cody and his parents...What a cool looking family eh? Just chillin'.

Lastly here's me, going at it with the larger dogs on the outside.

Cool for the shower back home. Phooey.
Well, for more pictures go to this blog. Its by my Daddy.

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