Monday, 14 May 2007

My Doggie Goggles

Ooo...Mummy just returned from a trip outside and first thing she did was call me out of my den and give me a carrot. Then she whipped out a present for me! She was all excited and she asked me to sit then before I could say "where's my treat?", she started pulling the Doggles over my head.

Wow, I tell you, things got darker. Mum was jumping up and down with joy but I was just blurred out for a second. Honestly, I just sat there and spaced. Mum got a wee bit worried and walked away. Of course I could see her so my head turned and followed then she was happy.

I think its pretty funky and I look suave. Babes, here I come! =P

Not a bad goggle...with UV protection too. So i'd give this 4.5 paws out of 5 for the eye protection it provides and good fit too. Oh, btw, its good for us cos Corgis are pre-disposed to getting glaucoma (which my grandma has) and that means we'll be senstitve to light.


Herbie said...

so where are you gonna wear it to?

Benny said...

Prob to the park on a sunny day. When i do, will definitely put an entry up here and recomment on its usefulness.


Lorenza said...

Hi Benny. I like your doggles and you look so cool!
Are they comfy?

Benny said...

Hi Lorenza,

Its ok comfy cos its got this spongy padding all around the edges where it rests around my eyes. Not bad at all.

But then again, sometimes, I don't feel like wearing it. I suppose it takes a wee bit of getting used to and is meant for outdoors!

By the way, you are CUTE! Nice long body and short legs...haha. Just like me!