Thursday, 3 May 2007

The Bopper

Ok Mummy...enough with the photos and posing right? I wanna play with the thingy.....

Apparently I ate enough kibbles for Mummy to redeem a free rubber toy for me. Its call the Bopper. Its a weird egg shaped rubber toy with a heavy base and meshed holes on the rest of it.

It tends to wobble here and there. Oh sorry. It BOPS here and there. You see it in this picture leaning away from me? Yah, I know, I did the funny dog thing of bopping with it too. haha!

And this is me trying my hardest to chew on it. Oh sometimes I see Mummy looking bewildered at me cos I think my mouth is so big that i can pick up the bopper by its huge solid bottom. =)

Its kinda fun to play fetch with cos carrying it in my mouth and running back to mummy makes the thing bop in my mouth and its just funny.

I like it. Yah! I give it 4 paws out of 5! It could improve on the taste. haha...

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