Thursday, 17 May 2007

Bunny Face

Oh great, this is another one of those - Benny looks like a ...... entries. Mummy, u must give me a session of therapeutic massage for this. I'll be emotinally scarred for life!!!

So here are a few funny pictures of me. This is shows me under the dining table with Daddy's big foot playing wiht my big paw.

These are pictures of me after a good game of fetch with a tennis ball in the house.

Mummy says, look at these pictures of cute dwarf bunnies...and she says, Benny's a Bunny! *man, its time for the massage therapy now!!!!*

The irony is, at the childcare centre, some of the aunties there thought they heard that a BUNNY, not BENNY, will be interacting with the children. Great! =P


Ben_Benjamin said...

Oh me & mom love ya look great & you make mom wanna get a pembroke wesh corgi...OMdoG!!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Benny. I wouldn't never though of you like a bunny, but looking at those pictures... it could be!
Have a nice day!

Benny said...

Haha...thank you thank you.
*bow* (that's trick mummy is trying to teach me at the moment)

i think i look like that cos i love carrots and mummy feeds me small bits of raw carrots as treats occasionally....hmm....that's suspicious...