Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Pet Movers Dog Run

We just came back from the PMDR. I'm actually fast asleep now from the exertion and my dreaming my thoughts over to Mummy for this entry.

It was a beautiful dog run! I loved it! We met a cool looking Border Collie called Archilles and he instantly became my bigger brother. There was running, playing, sharing water, more running, rolling in sand, walking in mud....

They even have a tap where u can get water from for ur doggy....well, I would've drunk from it but archilles' Mum brought nice cold water instead, so I drank from his bowl. hahaha....

There are also a few agility training aids there. I of course was clueless to what these things were for so I did my best and ran around them. That's the right thing to do yes?

Anyway, I definitely want to go back there again and I have a feeling that Mummy will be bring treats or fetch toys so that she can do more training on me. Woohoo! Ok, back to dreaming.


Anonymous said...

woo i think i met that BC before in ECP!! Is it his coat very shiny??

Anonymous said...

sorry that was me, Paw

Benny said...

Hey Paw,
Yah, his coat is nice and thick and shiny.
Beautiful dog. His snout is a little shorter than most but he's a handsome fella.
If you are ever gg to PMDR, let me know!!!

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Benny! :)
Looks like you had fun running and playing with your new friend!
Does your Mom give you a shower after every outing to the park?
Nice meeting you. I have a cousin corgi too and she's 6 years old. Her name is Piper.

Benny said...

Hi Luckie!!!
It depends on how dirty I am. haha...But will definitely get my paws and underside cleaned.

Oooo...hopefully we'll meet someday eh? =)