Wednesday, 11 April 2007

My Trip to Dog Runs

This is my first trip to dog runs in Singapore. I was so totally psyched about the whole thing. My uncle Z (mummy's bro) came too! We checked out all the public dog parks in one day. Here's my take on it.

The first public dog run we visited was at the Animal Resort. It looked kinda nice but I didn't like the other animals there. And I mean creatures like...goats, horses, emu-like bird things...teehee. The grass in the dog run looked a wee bit overgrown and the place didn't smell great with all these other animals' droppings.

The second one is the Bishan Park dog run. Watch me run!!! I loved it here so much. There were 2 separate runs side by side. Mummy let me go in the smaller one and uncle chased me around. We had so much fun! I love it I love it I love it! I hope to go back there again... Mummy and Uncle noticed large red ants on the gate door though. So must be careful.

The Katong Dog run was nasty. I didn't get to go in because the grass was mostly overgrown on one side and there was a bare patch on the other. Looked like it wasn't used that much. Also, we were real lucky to have found a parking lot in the first place.

The West Coast Dog run was really huge. I didn't get to see it upclose because it started to pour. What I saw were tall grass and some young trees planted in it.

Well, I really hope to go back and run like crazy in Bishan. Maybe with other friends too eh? Shld be great fun! After the whole thing, I was so pooped I almost couldn't run anymore. Mummy gave me a relaxation massage at home to rebalance my energies and I was so contented. This is one of favourite days ever!