Monday, 9 April 2007

My Bane - Torn Newspaper

I got caught a couple weeks ago for my bad habit of tearing up newspaper. I like newspaper. It gives me information and knowledge about the current affairs. Sometimes, the paper tells me what is on sale or how investments can grow. Ultimately, I love newspaper for the fun of tearing it up.

Mummy and Daddy don't see things my way though. My guess is because when I'm having fun I, uh, get carried away. Who doesn't? Teehee. So I swing my head this way and that and the paper tears and flies.

So I got caught and Mummy scolded me. Seems to have worked...I've been good since. For the moment anyway. =P

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Bella said...

Hi & welcome - the things to do with paper - I love shredding tissues - which mummy says yuk to