Thursday, 19 April 2007

I'm a Cockroach Killer!

Mummy hates cockroaches. She usually screams bloody murder and hollers for Daddy to come and get rid of the critters when she sees one. I've decided to be a true dog friend to Mummy and become a cockroach killer.

My first known attempt was a few months ago...sometime last year. Mummy came into my den and found some roach legs on the floor and me looking mildly satisfied. I believe the words that came out of her mouth were...."GROSS!" Thereafter she'd see me chase a few nymphs around.

(Note: its not that the house is infested. This happens everytime the surrounding area is fumigated. Mummy is trying to get me to stop eating it for fear of getting poisoned. Kill them yes, eat them no.)

More recently, a huge flying roach started flying around the house and Mummy again screamed bloody murder and ran into her bedroom. I freaked out too!!! I saw the roach but chose to stick close to Mummy and ran with her into the forbidden room. We were petrified. Only Daddy could save us.

And finally...this morning, when Mummy awoke to clean up my poo, I was a model roach killer. I killed the bug and left it there mostly whole. Ok, the legs were gone. Haha...nasty enough for you? Mummy wanted to take pics but decided it was "GROSS!!!"

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Scruffy said...

Woa Benny. Your Mum sounds just like my sister. She screams the house down everytime.

I just ignore her. I don't like the taste of cockroaches so I leave them well enough alone and laugh at my sis.

The Mighty Scruff