Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Flower Power

Few days ago, my Grandma and Uncle came for a quick visit to see me (my Mum keeps saying its to see her, but I seriously doubt it). Anyway, I got to walk them out of the home to say goodbye but in the midst of all the fun and great smells, I didn't notice when they left. Apparantly they did say goodbye to me, but I don't recall it cos my face was all over the floor and sniffing stuff.

With the rain pouring down around us, the smells are muskier and stonger and more intriguing. I had to sniff extra hard to get a proper whiff you know. Then I chanced upon the pink flower. Its a bougainvillea flower! It tasted great. I put it in my mouth and chomped on it with some bits of it sticking out. I carried on chomping (tastes better than newspaper) and then gulp, its gone.

Its yummy. I want somemore flowers. I like flowers - they smell and taste great, plus doesn't it say somewhere that there's nutritional properties? haha...

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Forced by Displacement said...

That's soo cute! I wonder if you are really colour blind.