Saturday, 28 April 2007

The Banana Raid

Mum woke up this morning and found this:

Obviously she wasn't happy. I think she though that I managed to crap all over the floor with no evil smell emanating through the house. But then she saw the plastic bag on the floor and the raffia dawned on her that I ate the whole bunch of bananas.

Well, I tried hard to reach the bananas on the kitchen counter last night and... SUCCESS!!! I pulled them out of the plastic bag and well, started munching. The little black strips you see in the photo above are the remaining skins of the bananas. =)

Mummy says my tummy is a wee bit bloated. I don't think so. I still wanted my breakfast, which she promted reduced by half. Bah. See my belly for yourself and decide.


Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Benny,
Man, I hope you didn't get a tum tum ache...yikes..that's a lot of bananas.
But well done counter surfing and getting the bananas!!

Benny said...

No tummyache whatsoever. =D

Boy, the countersurfing thing is getting me into trouble though. I think I'll have to stop (at least when THEY are watching).