Sunday, 1 April 2007

Benny Turns 1!!!

Hello! I'm so happy now, I just celebrated my first birthday yesterday with some new human friends. Mummy, Daddy and the new friends all brought me pressies and we played and I ate freshly baked doggie biscuits too!

My new friends bought me this lovely huge yellow striped bone-shaped soft toy. I loved it from the start. It soaks up my saliva and is squishy. Fun to play fetch with too! Mummy says I spoilt it in under 3 hours. Rubbish. I only nibbled it open and pulled out the fluff inside. The friend spotted me chewing on the fluff and Mummy took it away from me. Bah.

Mummy and Daddy gave me a weird Hippo soft toy thing. At first, I was scared of it cos when the middle of the toy is pushed on, it makes a low loud honking sound. But now, I learnt that its tail is just pawsome to chew on and I've nibbled a small hole on its back leg. I'm hoping to yank the tail and ears off soon. Both toys are so much fun to play with!!!

I give both toys a rating of 2.5 paws out of 5. They are fun, but playing must be under supervision, and they really don't last long at all. Costly toys (for Mummy).

The doggy biscuits and treats were fantastic to eat! Mummy tried a bit and she found it a bit bland but I love the peanut butter fish things and the ham dog bones. Love it! I give these treats 4 paws out of 5. For great taste and ...uh... great taste!

I wish everyday would be my birthday.....

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