Thursday, 5 April 2007

I'm on YouTube!

I am making my mark in the movie world. Mummy will be uploading regular short movies of me onto YouTube!!!

Of course the first one she just HAD to upload was about my interesting THIRD EYELID (add loud bellowing sound effect).... She finds it gross, intriguing and alien. Its just my eyelid. Sometimes, when I'm sleeping I can feel her hovering close to my head, staring intently at my THIRD EYELID. Anyway, you can see my videos here:

Fortunately, I managed to convince her to upload me playing with my favourite HIPPO toy! See and hear its weird noises right here:

Bookmark me okie??? I wanna be a movie star!


Herbie said...

Oh... my M once took pictures of my other eye lid too.... sometimes whe Humans find the most simple things amazing. They're really quite ignorant.

Benny said...

Yah! I saw that one on your blog. Its all groovy man...we got more eyelids than humans. Bet they are just jealous.