Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Poor Me!!!

Poor me! Complain.Whine! =(

First of all, mummy's been busy selling away all these nice all natural treats right in front of my face! I don't even get a lick. Poo.

Second of all, mummy says I'm too fat. And you know what is happening now? She's controlling my diet strictly. Even the usual generous humans aren't allowed to feed me too much! Pah. (Mummy: Benny's 15kg! He should be 14 kg only for his size. Anyway i still give him treats, just lesser that's all. And he has to run around more. =) )

Thirdly, I got showered 3 times in one week! Its sheer torture! Mummy says its because I'm scratching too much. What?!?!?! =( *grumble*

Fourthly, yes, i admit, I'm itching all over! Apparantly, I'm allergic to something in the shampoo the groomer used and I broke out in hotspots all over the place. Last tuesday was the shower by the groomer. Friday evening Mummy showered me to rinse away any remnant irritants. And today she gave me a quick rinse down cos I licked myself smelly (so she claims) and dirty.

The worst is on my left elbow. I've managed to lick and chew my way to about 7 spots just there. I even chewed and scratched it bloody today. Heh. I have more than 25 spots all over.

These spots are the typical ones on my hips and back. The blackish spots are the blood clots. Heh.

Here's the one spot on my right cheek. I can't lick it, but I always manage to give it a good scratching with my back paws. =P

I keep getting scolded by mummy for chewing and licking. She's been busy spending time cleaning my hot spots with medication and giving tons of love. The vet decided its too wide spread that she gave me 3 days worth of steroids, 5 days of antihistamines (after the steroids) and 8 days of antibiotics. Mummy wasn't too happy, you can imagine...especially about the steroids. Ah well...

Here I am tonight, after the shower...

Poor miserable me. =P Boo hoo!

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Barn2 (Barnabas Ju-Ern) the Samsengkia said...

Poor Ben Ben...!
My mummy says- wait for the iced peanut butter pumpkin treat thats coming your way maybe next week...
hee hee.