Sunday, 13 April 2008

Sasha's 1st Barkday Pawty

This sunday afternoon Mummy and Daddy rushed home to whisk me off to Sasha's barkday pawty! It was at Pawtobello and I've never been there before but I sure had tons of fun! And yes, I ate alot. (Mummy: Benny was going around stealing other dogs' food. So shameless! His tummy was SO HUGE by the end of the pawty. Read on and you'll see why.)

We arrived and immediately I said hi to Sasha! She had 2 other doggy friends. Here you'll see me, Rudolf (Shiba Inu) and Sasha.

Here's Goofy (Cocker Spaniel) and Rudolf having a discussion on how to get their food asap. =P

Finally us doggies got our dishes! Erm, see the rice on the floor? That's my fault, of course! I knocked my food bowl out of Sasha's mummy's hands just as she was about to put it on the floor for me. It was part of my scheme...I got an extra bowl because I did that! Haha! I ate most of the rice off the floor anyway. =P

Is there more food there?


See how Sasha's face disappears into the bowl?


Goofy enjoying the cake nice and waiting for any crumbs to fall my way. Obviously I've finished my portion already. =) (sorry i got you and Rudolf mixed up along the way. =P)

Sasha's face disappearing into her cake bowl.

Here she is with her nice humans! She even got a banner on the wall!

Dear Sasha, thank you for inviting me to your first barkday pawty! I truly enjoyed myself! Give your humans big hugs and licks for me k? See my blissful look during my car ride home? Yups, I had a good time. =) (mummy: Benny's going on a diet soon...wah, there's a bulge on his tummy!)


Ume said...

hiak hiak... dats definitely a look of utter contentment...

Barn2 (Barnabas Ju-Ern) the Samsengkia said... wont be able to outrun me any more. Will give you two weeks to put on more weight. Eat on! I wont be coming for Wed. gathering for 2 weeks because my silly sister is having the heat.When you are nice and round....I will come by to see you.
Heh heh....

- Darth Vader

duo_disaster said...


Benny... Wondered how we found your blog? Hahah! ALL thanks to DWB network!

By the way, we're snatching some peeps for blog cause our M didnt bring along her camera but her lousy HP.

Btw... Goofy was the one taking his own sweet time on the cake while you watched patiently for crumbs to drop, not Rudolf!

Oh yeah, last but not least...
We've added your blog to our dlogger friends! Do drop by!

Rudolf & Goofy