Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Dopey - A young me!

Today I met a very very young and small puppy. Only 3.5 months old. Mummy says he looks quite I did when I was a small boy, 'cept I had a bigger head, my ears were both up and I have a diamond on my head.

I think he's cute and fun to play with. He learns really fast too! He wasn't barking at the beginning of everything but by the end of the day, he was kinda an echo barker! Haha!

And he was also trying really hard to learn my method of ear-yanking-drooling play. What a smart fella...I'll teach him every thing i know. =P Be a GOOD big brother is what Mummy is telling me.

Here's the wee little fella's ass.

Okay, shouldn't introduce the butt first. Here he is running back!

He's small enough hide under the bench! Now Lucky only ocassionally hides under therecos she's grown and upgraded herself to hiding in the middle floor. We big boys (Ode and I) end up standing outside the bench and pleading them to come out to play!

I bet he's just taunting Ode. (Ode think's Dopey is a girl...he even ignored Lucky most of the time, who was wrestling really roughly with me! Eep! Big girl!)

Here's Dopey's proceeded to hide under the retail stand. Brilliant!

Well, Dopey see you again next week! Be a good boy and stop bullying your parents! (Yeah rite.) =) Here's a photo of me as a puppy...see any resemblance? =D


Dopey said...

Omg! Benny looks like Dopey when he's a baby too!!!

Barn2 (Barnabas Ju-Ern) the Samsengkia said...

Dopey is so cute! BIG eyes. Smiley face. Very funny that Ode got Dopey's gender mixed up. Benny- you teach Dopey your ear pulling technique and when Clare returns- you have Lucky,Clare and Dopey going after Ode's ears! haha.