Thursday, 17 April 2008

All Natural and Organic Treats!

Mummy was so excited when we received the Nature's 1 Spare Ribs treat from Ode's mum for my barkday. Why? Cos its the newest all natural and organic treats from New Zealand. Mummy's getting fussy about all the additives and preservatives that goes into many brands of dog treats so she's saying that this great discovery deserves a big shout! WOOHOO!

Honestly, I don't care about what goes into the treat. If it tastes great, it tastes great right? (Mummy: That's why we humans have to help keep them healthy by being discerning with the food we give them.)

Here's the Spare Rib in its packaging next to Zuke's jerky:

Here's one rib....slurp.

Into the basket I go. Its the best place to eat the goodies. =) Crunch Crunch! Can you hear the sound?

Man, I was so tired after that first one. Here's me all happy and sleepy and satisfied. Mummy and Daddy gave me one spare rib every night as a night snack after that. =)

This is the bestest all natural-est treat-est ever! It gets the full 5 Paws out of 5!

Oh, and I got Mummy to sell it too! There's quite a few other types like Lamb ears, tripe etc. Check out Pawsitive Sensations or email us ( for details k? We are going to selling them at 15% off the usual price cos we want every one to be able to afford it. Try it, your doggy will LOVE you for it! =)

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Ode said...

Benny, see, I didn't give you the wrong thing. My mummy bought me this spare ribs sometime ago, & it's great, after the 1st pack, mummy bought another 3 packs on the 2nd round, the 3rd round she bought 4 packs of spare ribs, one pack of chewy chewies. I ate one rib everyday, & I had finished the whole pack of chewy chewies.

Mummy : The products has many spare parts, Ode has tried the Lamb ear, he don't really like it, however, he loves the spare ribs & chewy chewies a lot. These are the 2 that always run out of stock. Another popular item is the beef stomach, but the best seller is still the spare ribs.

I am glad that Benny likes it.