Wednesday, 2 April 2008

MY PAWTY!!! (Part 2)

Here's the action shots from the pawty.

First we have the let's-greet-each-other shots:

This is Mummy's favourite human with doggy photo. It features my grandpa running in what she says is the "lao3 fu1 zi3" running stance. I don't know what that is, but mummy was laughing like mad. I was a happy doggy running around and towards the fooooood. =P

Next we have Lucky and Luke having a good sniff. Luke is so tall.... =P

Here's Lucky and I having a short burst of wrestling...with Paw watching on in anticipation. He's a great wrestling pal! =)

Sasha's having her first sniff of a Schnauzer + Cocker Spaniel. Wonder what she thinks...

This is Mummy's failed attempt at helping Rhubarb grow a tail. Haha!

Here's Monty staring at the Klee Kai pair of Baby and Harmony. They are so young compared to him! Maybe Monty is wishing for eternal youth. =P

Isn't this photo funny? From L-R, we have Monty being scratched on the head by Lucky's dad, Lucky begging for food from Paw's mum, Paw looking for food over with Baby and Harmony's mummy! In the back ground, Luke is getting a pat from my grand uncle M. Wah, why can't doggies stay with their owners? I know, cos the chance of getting food from others is so much higher! Haha!

Poor Hammer, he can't seem to get any food at that moment, whereas Monty and Jazze are doing just fine in the background.

FOOD SHOTS! *slurp*

First, we have the doggie bags of food that Mummy prepared ahead of time. I think the most favourite thing inside there were the lamb bits. =P

Rhubarb waiting patiently...

Me, not so patiently, but trying...

Princess Lucky eating off the map of the Botanic Gardens.

Luke also getting impatient and asking his big sister to hand over the treats.

Poor Sasha. She feigns death in her misery cos she can't get any of the treats. She's on a strictly control diet due to her allergies.

Paw, Baby and Harmony just helping themselves to their owners' generous hands. Quick! Feed more...faster...

Here we have Snowy asking for treats from my great-grandmother! Haha! How cute!

Monty and Jazze getting hand fed by their mummy. Jazze's the faster eater. Monty takes his time.

See how almost every dog is staring at mummy? Its cos she had a muffin in her hand! Snowy's not looking cos she's already eating something.

*burp* Whoa, all these photos are making me hungry. Food anyone? =P
(mummy: Benny! Diet!!!! You'll get fat if you don't stop wolfing everything you eat! Arrgh!)

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