Saturday, 19 April 2008

Better Owner, Better Dog Seminar

Today Mummy disappeared really long and left poor me at home... (mummy: oh brother, he had the company of his daddy and uncle! He wasn't alone, just looking for sympathy votes. tsktsk.)

Mummy gave me the lowdown on what the big hoohah was with all her photos. She was invited to give a short talk on doggy massage at the National Library for the "Better Owner, Better Dog" seminar! The nice people who arranged the talk are from Pets Magazine. Here's Mummy (representing Pawsitive Sensations without me) with the team:

Here's Mummy giving the talk. She's so small and the podium's so high that you can barely see her behind the laptop!

Notice that I'm the doggy model in the video! Aren't I a good boy???? See? I helped! =D All in all we hope that the message on the pawsitive effects of massage therapy on dogs got across and that everyone remembers that there is this alternative avenue of therapy available.

Oh, Mummy even got a really nice looking doggy soft toy (i think that secretly it was for me, but mummy says its now. So selfish right...) with flowers from nice Aunty S! She's the one who makes the organic doggy shampoo that we help her retail. She's really good at the aromatherapy spa stuff. Sniff. Sniff.

Ok, so I was sniffing the doggy's butt in the pic above. Blame instinct. Mummy made me sit nicely and pose with it this time.

So it was an exciting day for all the doggies! And we all hope for more such events to spread the new trend in educating the public on how to take care of their doggies!

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Luckie Girl said...

Hey Benny,

I went down to your shop yesterday but yup, your Mom was out. Just happened to be in the area. Hope you are doing okay!! :)