Thursday, 28 February 2008

New friend - Sasha

I recently made a new friend. She's a nice puppy and I need to teach her how to wrestle and play so that we can play more together! =) Her name is Sasha and she's a lowchen. Doesn't look like a lowchen though cos she's shaved. Poor girl has skin problems that we hope we can help to relief and solve.

Anyway, here's Sasha and the big black dot on her left side. DOTTY. I think that should be her name. Haha!

She's trying to drink water but I wouldn't give her enough free time. =P

Play! Ack! She has the upper paw?

Rubbish! I'll teach her. Watch this!

This is my famous wrestling move. The pindown. This is her butt end.

And this is her head.

Ok, I'm actually quite gentle. Here's videos to prove my innocence...just in case you think i'm a bully. =P This is near the start of the game... you can see that Sasha is very very good at squirming. I think that's her special move.

This when Sasha started getting tired. She needs to improve her stamina and strength. =P

I like her. She's all bouncy and nice. She's kinda obsessed with this corner of the store though.

I hope she comes more often and makes more corgi friends cos I think she's a corgi inside the lowchen's body. =P Teehee!

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