Monday, 18 February 2008

Pear Pie from USDB

Ooo...I gotta a chance to be a taste-tester for everyone! Aunty S from USDB gave me a "prototype" pie to eat. I didn't know what was inside but it smelt scumptious!

Here's what it looks like and you can see I'm really quite well-behaved and have incredible self-restraint. (yeah rite). =P

I got to eat it for dinner that day. It was naturally sweet and juicy and just a great fit in my mouth.

This video shows my first sniff of the pie. I didn't know how to eat it. Lick here, lick there, sniff...then finally chomp and I now know that I can pick it up! Then ok...laugh at me, cos my legs are short and I can't hold the pie properly with my paws. =P But I have technique and chomp chomp, just bite and the pie is mine!

Here you can see that the best technique to eating the disc-shaped pie is to put the whole thing in ur mouth and chomp with the molars...yummy!

See the pear bits? *slurp*

Is there another pie in the bag?
No more??? *boohoo*

Great stuff! Hope it gets approved for sale soon. Aunty S, it gets my thumbs...uh paws up! =)


yl said...

hehehehe... in the first clip, you looked so cute when you pick up your pie and throwing THE look at the camera before walking away in protest at the camera in protest... :D

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

U lucky dog, always getting the nicest thing!

U behave the same way I do when my hoomans stretch out their hands to try and take away my goodies when I am eating! I give them a dirty look, pick up my bone and walk away from them!

Why can't they get their own stuff to chew on?

Ben_Benjamin said...

SLurp~~Im droooooooling Benny.....

You finish all?? not even a small piece for us??