Thursday, 7 February 2008

My Chinese New Year

If you are expecting a blog entry about all the great treats I got ... nope. Not this time. Mummy and Daddy were strict about the food I got to eat. So what I did most of the day was to scrounge around the floor sniff and licking up any morsel of food.

Here's where my "adventure" night, while the humans though they had locked the baby gate properly with me safely inside the kitchen and wash area...they were mistaken. =) I managed to push open the gate and luckily for me, the smells were strong in the living room. I headed straight for the interesting plant on the side table.

Yank. Pull. Munch. Yuck. The flowers looked nice but weren't particuarly palatable. They were however rather fun to pull at. =P

Oh wait! There's a can of nuts they left on the coffee table! Alright! Chomp Chomp... Gulp. Burp. Yummy! Here's the empty can.

(Mummy: yes, Benny ate a lot of macademia nuts. For those of you who don't know, these nuts are poisonous to dogs. Not as potent as chocolate or onions, but they made Benny sick.)

Yah, after a while, I didn't feel so good. Couldn't get up or stand...its like my backlegs wouldn't work properly. (Mummy: Benny exhibited signs of toxicosis to the nuts. Weakness in the hindlegs, general weakness and depression. He wasn't interested in food, play or anything. Just not himself. Fortunately, he did not have tremors and wasn't panting heavily. If he was, its off to the emergency vet for him.)

Here I am, last night having a snooze. I couldn't get up to go sleep in the kitchen...was starting to get tired...zzz...

So here I, this morning, just getting miffed. Bah. Now, excuse me while I sleep. Mummy! I wanna move...can help...please? =P

(Mummy: Beware of the potential food poisons to dogs. Fortunately we always keep items like chocolates in cupboards, way out of reach of Benny. May God bless all the dogs this holiday! )


Barn2 the Samsengkia said...

Ben Ben...are you ok? Mummy and Clare are concerned about you.

Me...ahem...maybe you should come and stay with us during CNYear! Then the two of them can play with you in the water tub. You will be too tired to do other crazy things. Or- I could chase you around the house. hee hee. You'll be nuts before long.

Hope your stomach settles down after a while. Take care!

Dexter.Yew said...

Hi bro, how are you feeling now? We are worried after reading your update. Rest ok.

Hate to say this to you now but you really have to trust your parents. They know and want only good things for us. Next time come share my food ok. No more nuts...


Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Are u okie Benny? U look weird in the photos.. There are things u can eat and there are things u CAN'T eat. Listen to ur hoomans and if they don't give it to u, it is for a gd reason.

Hope u are back to ur chirpy self. The DOGtor needs a DOGtor!

Benhur Xobile said...

Hi everyone...*burp*
I can kinda walk now. Still a bit unsteady. But guess what! I peed! Mummy and Daddy were jumping for joy that I peed for the first time today at 10.45pm. Yah, it was ALOT of pee.

I am feeling a wee bit better. Am hungry now. =P

Thanks for all your love and concern... I wanna play water, play catching, share food, be a better dogtor... Mummy is hoping that I will remember this lesson. *innocent look*

(mummy: Am praying that Benny will crap tonight. It'll make him feel better.)

Benhur Xobile said...


Good news! Mummy kept whispering in my ear and telling me to poo... guess what? I poo-ed at 10.58pm =)

Not bad eh?
Woohoo! THe weight from my belly is lighter.

(Mummy: Thank God! Benny is moving around alot easier. The meds for constipation worked well and got his bowels moving. He is walking quite well and looking alert. =) )