Saturday, 2 February 2008

I have Degree???

Something strange is happening...I must be becoming smarter! Last week, Aunty L gave me an honourary doggy degree!

I love it! Never been to school, but hey, maybe that's why I love it even more! =)

Its from this fabulous school called Springfield University (Mummy: ref the Simpsons for those who don't know). Sounds famous. I got a Dog-gree in Canine Manual Otology. Chim! Watever that is, I must be great at it... =P (Mummy: Erm, Otology has to do with the ears. Benny is famous for licking and playing with other dogs' ears...really! He is truly good at this and deserves it. =) )

Here's the dog-gree up close.

Here's me with my dog-gree on my back. Ack...i can't see it!

This is better.

Mummy asked me to look humble. Poo!

Smile! Last shot of the smarty pants!


Barn2 the Samsengkia said...

Hey hey hey DOGTOR Skywalker! You do look humble...
hee hee.

See you on Wednesday.

Darth Vader Barn2

snowy's ma said...

Hey Dgtr Benny "Skywalker" !Xobile Setho,
your name's just getting longer and longer....... =)

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

FWAAAH! I am impressed DOGtor Benny Xobile! Gimme a free ear check soon okie?