Saturday, 23 February 2008

Corgi Barkday Pawty! (Cookie's!)

Today was the craziest day yet at the store. Mummy brought me to the store earlier than usual then when we got there, she was busy moving chairs around and sticking up posters. I didn't understand what the big hoo-har was.

Then...Clare arrived (Barn2 too!)! And Ode came as well! I mean, didn't I just see these pals on wednesday? I usually meet up with them once a week but today seemed strange.

Well before I knew, so many other corgis friends started pouring into the store. It was just awesome pawsome! Here's the roll call as per Aunty L's nice collage:

Oh, None of these photos were taken by Mummy cos she was bz bz bz trying her best to massage and feel the corgis in the midst of the chaos. Not the best way to massage but fortunately, its was for fun and relaxation instead of for therapy. So anyway, a big thanks to Chester (Bond)'s daddy for the photos. And also to Ode's mummy! =)

Back to the story. Here's pics of some of the guests...

This is Barn2. He had his massage early. Before most of the guests arrived. No prizes for guessing the reason for that and why he is outside. =P He had a swim while we were all playing!

This is pretty Buta. Mummy likes her pixie like face and finds her very sweet. She was in heat so all the boys like her. =)

This is Chester (Bond). He is quite guarded but after a while he realised that we were all the same breed and thus it was a giant extended family, so he became relaxed.

This is Clare. We know all abot CLare....let's see...crazy dog, little terror, feisty gal, sister of Barn2... And good fun to wrestle with! =)

The one on the left is Cody. He's got more muscle now but still does the "honking" thing. Also great fun to wrestle with!

This is Collar. He and I look quite alike but he's so shy. Maybe its the facial markings of the "zorro" mask that he is hiding behind.

Here's the Barkday Boy (COOKIE!) with his Barkday cake and other treats. He is trying to reach the food and ignoring the candle. Ack. Dude, blow the candle then we can all eat!!!

Sweet Lucky here in her grandma's lap safe from Ode. =P

THis is the drool king and the "humper- thumper". =D Haha...Ode was strangely fixated on Rhubarb today...and uh, Rhubarb's a guy?!? Look at Ode's gaze!

This is Rhubarb. He is a very sweet fella and looks a bit like a Monty-Dexter mix. He was making himself at home behind the reception counter. Haha!

And here's Wolfie, the mini-corgi. He is so petite! Small and light but defintely a corgi cos he's a smart boy and obeys his humans well.

Alrighty...some messy corgi group photos:

Sniff...sniff...sniff... inspect...inspect...inspect... (front to back: Ode, me, Clare inspecting Wolfie)

Food food food food food food food food food food food food food food. Uh, did we say food? Food.

K, here only I was looking up for food to drop from the heavens. Eveyone else was checking the flor.

Humans still outnumbered us though. Hmm... doesn't seem right does it?

Well thanks to everyone for coming. I had a blast! And I was so full that I could hardly climb into the car. Yeah, Mummy didn't feed me dinner. Phooey. =P

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Barn2 the Samsengkia said...

Mummy says: She really likes the photo (and caption )of the corgis chanting FOOD FOOD FOOD....hee hee! Very appropriate.