Monday, 11 February 2008

New Year Nail Trim

Mummy, Daddy, Uncle G, Grandma, Grandpa, etc. all have been saying that my nails are making alot of noise when I walk around the house. Clickity clickity clickity.

Mummy has noticed that my nails grow super fast. She can walk me on the road several times a day (especially when I'm at the store) and still my nails go clickity clickity.

So, today I kenah tricked. I know its a trick, but I can't help myself; I always fall for it. Why? 'Cos, Mummy uses FOOD. I am a CORGI. I LOVE FOOD.

Here's how my nail trims are done these days (note: when I was a pup I screamed, struggled and scratched my way out of nail trims. Was badly cut by groomers before. Mummy slowly desensitized me. Months later, my nail trims always happened in the shower...when I was "paralysed" by water. Now, just show me the treats and I'm a saint. =D )

Here's me in the "dead" position with the treat within sniffing distance.

Notice here that I have wisely decided not to look at the treat. This helps me to "ren3" or tolerate the waiting better. Smart right? =)

See? The nail trimmer doesn't scare me. I'm a brave boy! *treat...pls?*

Here's the pile of nails Mummy clipped out. Yep, I now walk like ninja in the night! You can't hear me! *silence...*

Yeps, I'm now all grown up! =)

(Mummy: Yeah right. Benny is currently freaked out during car washes still and hides his head and eyes under my armpit! =P )

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Barn2 the Samsengkia said...

Wow...that's a lot of nail clippings, young Skywalker! See you tomorrow. Clare and Ode will be there too...