Saturday, 16 February 2008

A cool biker-doggy

Today, Mummy got to meet somebody cool...doubt he would like me though. Anyway, I'll let her tell you the story.

A sweet little JRT came to my store today. He came on a motorbike. Complete with biker vest and biker doggles. Just way cool. Good thing benny wasn't at the store today, cos Benny would've just gotten him all upset by licking his ear flaps.

This cool dude is called Eddie. His Daddy likes biking and his mummy made the special vest thing with clips to strap Eddie safely to the bike's fuel tank. Its just awesome! Eddie obviously loves the sensation of wind in his face. (Just like dogs who stick their heads out of car windows.)

Lucky Eddie. Here are his pictures! What a lucky doggy!

This is Eddie tasting the air and preparing himself for the ride.

Isn't he handsome?

I love his doggles! (Benny's broken his. Bah.)


Barn2 the Samsengkia said...

BARN2: Cool!

MUMMY: But is the doggy secure on top of the bike? The seatbelt doesnt look too safe....kinda flimsy.

BARN2: So Ben Ben- when are you getting on a bike? If you do, dont do sky-walking (ie flying off the bike)!

Benhur Xobile said...

Oh it was loose cos we were taking photos. The straps get tightened and the JRT is securely very well to the fuel tank. So no worries there. Its adjustable!

And no...nice pumpkin-peanut-butter aunty L, I a bit chicken so i dun think flying is my thing. =P

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Cool dog! I would have freaked out!

Ode said...

Mummy : If I am not wrong, I've seen the couple & the dog before, the guy ride the bike, dog secured in a bag that time, while the lady walk. The dog seems to be a very seasoned rider, coz he was so happy when the bike move.

Unc Z said...

I bet Benny would freak out riding a bike.

Ume said...

oh wow! Eddie is real cool biker-doggy!

Eddie said...

Nice pictures, you can see all my good sides. I got real star potential with the right attitude, hold on I need scold my staff it is belly rub time. Hard to find good help these days, don’t you agree.

For those who worried about me flying from the bike. No worries the construction is very safe. At least that is what they promised me. It is made of materials used to make bags that can hold more than my 7KGs. I’m attached to a special tank cover originally used to attach some useless tank bag. Once they got me hooked up the straps get tightened, so I cannot move in any direction.

The guy riding my bike tends to get upset when I want to walk around on the tank to have a closer look what is happening down there when we are riding. Don’t understand why......I found it very cool standing with my front legs on the headlight. That only lasted a few seconds. We did not even leave the car park and went back inside him mumbling something about not being safe and need to come with a construction to control my movements. To make a long story short, after several more failed attempts (I can be very resourceful) I now got my own biker jacket with four safety straps.

Bags by the way are only good for one thing, let them carry you all the way down and once you are outside escape from it. So unless you witnessed one of the many failed attempts to transport me safely on the bike, I guess the dog in the bag was another biker dog.

JRTs (that's me) rule the world!