Wednesday, 6 June 2007

The Sliding Experience

About a week ago, Daddy and Mummy let me try the spiral slide for the first time. I totally loved it! Ok, I'll be honest here, I was kinda apprehensive the first time but after that I just loved it!

Finally today, Mummy remembered to bring a camera on our walk. I mean, my friends from across the pacific / atlantic ocean was asking for a video. Took Mummy long enough eh? Here's Mummy's take:

Benny was so quick to launch himself off the slide so the movie clip isn't one of him sliding down his side like he normally does. This movie clip that I got here is where he "stayed" long enough before going down the slide. He's practically walking down! Anyway....the rest of the pictures are of us doing the usual walk around the block.

Ok, enough of Mummy talking. I'm the star here. =) Ok, so here's me going to the slide and me posing at the bottom of the slide.

And here's the video of me walking down the slide. Hahaha!

After the slide affair, we went around to area. Here's where Daddy does his pullups.

And my favourite set of steps to the grass patch upstairs...

And here I am sniffing around. (Butt shot!!!!)

I had a good day...until the shower I had to endure again. Arrgh! The despair....!!!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Benny
You are so brave playing in that slide! I'd never do that! Sure you had great time walking around there.
Have a nice day

Luckie the Dachie said...

hey Benny,
Your neighbourhood looks very quiet noisy hairless hooman pups at the playground??
Looking forward to meeting you!! :)