Thursday, 7 June 2007

Going out, Having Fun and Celebrating Uncle's B'Day

Wowie! Wednesday was such a marvellous day! Its added to my list of favourite days. You see, I got to play with human friends and meet new girl doggy friends.

We were back at the dog run and there was a HUGE dog there who loved to run so ...we ran!!! And we ran!!!

There were some other dogs around too....smaller fellas....

Then Mummy had to make me do the ramp trick again. Boy, repetitions are fun when there's food eh? (That's my Uncle, Mummy's older brother, in the picture.)

And here's Mummy giving a treat to my new Spitty...oops, I meant Spitz, friend. Her name is Snowy.

After a while, we needed a break. So Snowy and I were chilling out...we looked left and we looked right...

Here I'm doing my usual mingling with Snowy's mum and my uncle.

Then after Mummy went home for an appointment with a client, we went to a cafe that is dog friendly and ate....well, no, they ate. I had a teeny tiny muffin. Talk about UNFAIR!!!! Yeah, the bowl of dog food went to Snowy.

Here's Snowy getting fed by her human with...a SPOON!!! You see my video? Its me betting fed by HAND!!! Why the different standards of treatment I ask you... Humph.

Ok, pose for photos with the family! See the cake? Its Tee-Ra-Mee-Soo. The humans ate it all and didn't give us nice doggies any. Something about no chocolate.... What an excuse! (Benny's Mum: Of course no chocolate for dogs!!!!)

Here's a funny picture. Notice the drool drops below Snowy's chair and the fluffy tail outline. Haha!!! And you can obviously see why she is drooling...unlike poor me.

Well that's it from me...and Snowy, who has finished her meal and is doing her classic impersonation of a cat.

I can't wait for the next outing with my Mummy, Daddy, Auntie and Uncle...but please, feed me more food at the cafe okie? =P


Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Benny,
It was nice meeting you. :) Your hoomans are very friendly. hehe....
Which dog cafe was it???

hana said...

Hi Benny,
My name is Hana the Dog. This is the first time I am visiting your bloggy. I saw from Luckie's post that you are friends with Luckie! Looks like your spitz friend is an American Eskimo (or Volpino Italiano as the Italians would say, or a Japanese Spitz... we are all in the same family). It is nice you got to meet up with Luckie and the other blogging doggies! I think you had a better weekend than my parents did!!
~Hana the Dog

snowy the jap spitting spitz said...

hi benny, it's me! had lotsa fun that day too.. hope you didn't mind all that spittin' from me. Just a ritual I use to initiate doggy pals.. things always smell better covered in spit y'know?
btw, if you ask me, I'd rather be hand-fed than spoon-fed.. it's so much more... DAWG-y and boy is it a torture to have to be able to gobble only 1 or 2 cubes at a time. I almost ate the spoon..and mummy.
Let's swap next time ok? =)