Thursday, 21 June 2007

My new boarding friend - Furby (updated)

Not too sure what is happening again today. Uncle Gerry suddenly appeared with Furby! I know that Furby is not his dog but is Auntie Grace's pet. Anyway, Furby is funny you know. He came in and sniff and sniffed. Then he peed!!!

So the humans scrambled to clean up the pee in the living room and Furby just looked around...walked around and...then he peed!!!

Again, the newspapers came out to clean up the puddle and he walked around somemore under the dining table....and....then he peed!!! See?

So after 5 accidents in about 15 mins, Mummy managed to clean up before another accident from Furby and brought him downstairs to walk. She tells me that Furby has a gigantic bladder! He apparantly peed outside another 9 times! The last few times just action no water. Haha!

So now he is back in the house and peepee free. Teehee! Funny dog eh? I think his bladder is way bigger than mine. So here we are hanging out together and checking each other out.

Then he moved towards Mummy when Mummy walked so I'm peering over and wondering why I'm so far away??? (Mummy put me in "stay." Bah.)

Oops, he peed again. Mum was right. He has an amazing bladder. Its HUGE. Hahaa....! Anyway, Furby's only staying one night. Then tomorrow I'll get to play rough with Dexter again! Yay!!! Furby is nice too, but I can't play rough with him. He's small and Mum doesn't want me potentially injuring him. So...oh well. I have to be a good boy.

Here's one last picture of Furby...or at least, its just his hair. Makes you wonder how he can see eh? (Benny's Mum: Furby is a pleasure to walk. He doesn't pull on the leash. Teach Benny for me ok Furby?)

Updates: Here's a pic of Furby having his meal with me being stuck in the kitchen. I could help him with the food, but Mum doesn't let me.

And well, see? We are still pals and hanging out together.Haha...well he's gone home...but guess who came to stay next? Dexter is back! Haha!!!! Wee! Until next time!


wally said...

WOw! That is one little peeing machine. Is there anything under that fur OTHER than bladder?

You are a very nice boy to let dogs come and stay with you. Especially ones that pee all over!


Benny said...

Haha! Furby's stopped peeing in the wrong place now. Mummy taught him one time and he's so smart!

Mummy also brings him out for PLENTY of walks so he can do his thang. Haha....I get to go most of the time too, so i'm happy!!!!

Luckie Girl said...

Gosh, Furby has a lot of pee for one so tiny!!
Are you expecting more frends soon?