Thursday, 14 June 2007

My brother Dexter

Today turned out to be a real surprise. But before I launch into the details, I wanna wish my Uncle Z a very happy old old birthday! And also to sweet girl Luckie the Dachie a lovely 2nd barkday! Wishes of health and happiness to everyone!

Ok, back to business. Today, Dexter is in my home. I don't understand it but he is here! His parents dropped him off with all his cage and food and then disappeared! (Benny's mom: Dexter is boarding with us but Benny still doesn't get it. Ha!) So, here we are in the morning.

Not long after we started playing, mummy piled us into our carriers. Dexter's carrier is tinier than mine...but so is he! Dexter gave Mummy his rump for the second photo! See it? Its black!

Suddenly BarnBarn's mum's car came to pick us up! I love her! She's the pumpkin, yoghurt, peanut butter woman. She's Aunty L. She's great....she drove us to this place with a swimming pool. Here's the buttshot of the day, Aunty L (artos) with Barnbarn:

We needed to exercise Dexter's recovering injured leg and they wanted to see if i'd like it. Here's Dexter in his suit and Barnbarn showing off that he doesn't need any float.

Great. Now here's long suffering little ol' me. I'm trying to swim. Its hard when there isn't enough fats to float me, at least that what mummy thinks. I bob left and right, up and down. Phooey. Hey, mummy can't swim too! Look who's talking eh?

For my pains and struggles in the water, I got pumpkin from Aunty L! See? Told you she's real nice. In fact, she even gave me Barnbarn's share. Don't think he's too happy about that. I ate 1/2 of Dexter's too. He didn't want any of the second bits. Honestly!

After this, we had a shower, dried out, Barnbarn went home then the humans went to eat lunch. After that, it was on to a grooming store called Pawfectly Yours. It was mainly for uncle Trax, but Dexter and I got the dreaded nail trim session.... Dexter is cool with it but I'm a fidgeter.

Here's Dexter just sitting there letting her do whatever she wants and I'm wondering why.

And before I knew it, it was my turn! Why? What did I do to deserve this...first she tried to see if I'm like Dexter.

Then she let Mummy help hold me still. I can't help it. I jerk my limbs up and down cause I'm nervous. (Benny's mum: when I first got Benny @ 4 mths, he would totally freak out if you just hold his paw. Took me a few weeks to gain his trust and trim 1 nail.)

Gee whiz huh. But after that brief moment of "shock" for me, it was uncle Trax's turn. He was also zen for the moment. I missing something?

Well, in the mean time we gotta PLAY!!! And of course, Dexter was great with we PLAYED and we PLAYED and we PLAYED! So much fun!

Finally, we got home and we rested. Well, Dexter rested. I was waiting for him to play again. Mummy told me to let him rest...gee whiz, its not like he's 50! Okok, guess I'll just have to keep an eye open and wait for him to wake up!


wally said...

Oh my dog! CORGIS! Hi guys! I found your link on Luckie's blog. I'm Wally and I'm a corgador--a corgi/lab mix. My ma ape adopted me because she had a corgi when she was growing up and she LOVES them! You guys are pretty awesome and have a very exciting life!

Nice to meet you.


Ume said...

hi Benny,
at least u got yummy treats after the schwim. i get nothg after getting dumped into water!
how long is your brother dexter gonna stay with u?

Benny said...

Hi guys!
Dexter is still with me until tomorrow night. He keeps stealing and hogging my bone chew toys now. Hmm...

But I've learnt how to make him play catch for a while and then we start our usual tumbling around! Weee!

Clapton said...

Where is the swimming pool located. Looks cool!

Benny said...

Oh, yah, the swimmin pool is at Petgamart. Not sure if i spelt it right. Its in Pasir Ris but you need to be a member to use it. $5 on weekdays per dog and free on weekends.

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Benny,
Oh you lucky must be fun to have gone swimming!! You got to meet Aunt L again....and Trax and Barn2!! I think you may have tired Dexter out.....