Saturday, 16 June 2007

Playing with my Buddy

Today was a great day, just as was yesterday and the day before! Today, I woke up to find that Dexter is still with me! Wowie! So, I carried on playing with my pal. He is such a sport with me. Here we are chilling out together:

And here we are resting after a long spurt of play...

And here we are resting again at Mummy's feet after another spurt of play.

Well, we dodn't rest all day of course. Here's Dexter looking like a giant hamster while he is hogging my plastic bone. The fella is crazy about his bones!

Here we are rough-housing...AGAIN. Notice Dexter's butt on the left side of the pic and my butt in the AIR on the right side of the picture. What a move eh? I learnt more WWF moves from Dexter than I have from anyone else.

We tumbled all over the place and here's Dexter on the ground showing his pearly whites. We growled and grunted and drooled everywhere. Just awesome!

Then here we are side tracked in our play. Where's the bone?????

Finally, we are resting after an eventful day. *pant* *drool*


Luckie the Dachie said...

Oh gosh, you boys sure had lotsa of fun!!!! Benny, maybe your Mom should get you a brother for company. hehehe...

wally said...

Awesome! You guys look like you are a riot to be around!


ps. I added you to my pack, I hope that's ok!

Ume said...

Dexter would hv gone home by now... u muz be missing him, Benny.

Benny said...

Hey guys!
Haha....guess what? My mum just told me that Dex will be boarding with us again this weekend! Alriiiiiiight! =)
Oh, and Wally, thanks for adding me to your pack!!! =)