Sunday, 10 June 2007

Botanical Gardens Day!

Ok, no such thing as a Botanic Gardens Day, but that's what I like to call it. It's my first time all the way over there and my parents were excited for me to meet so many new friends, both human and dogs.

We were one of the last to arrive (grrr....) but I got such a warm welcome from everybody! It was 'Hi Benny!!" everywhere...people giving me love and I think for a while there, Mummy stopped holding my leash...hmm...I think Dexter's Mum was hogging me. Haha...I like her. She's so nice and gentle.

Here's pictures of my friends! First up is of course big Barnabas. He is the boss. I learnt that. =P And there's Trax there too. Barn2 is trying to become topdog over Trax...haha!

Here's a beautiful butt shot of the hottest butt in the group. Its Bingo! I don't know what Bingo is staring at though...

Here's my new buddy! His name is Dexter. We look like siblings eh? I'm trying to get him to play while the humans are trying to get us to pose. Play or pose...hmm...of course PLAY!

Then there are the dachies! Here's 3 mth old Reina. She is TINY...but the in the picture, she is BIG!

And here's the cool couple with Luckie who is celebrating her birthday on the same day as my uncle! (see previous blog entry) You can see Luckie's dad doing his photo art thing and Luckie and Luckie's mummy doing some posin. Cool...

And I met a cute little man along the way... also reminds me of the many little human beings I met a few months ago! ( Childcare centre blog entry)

Well, I got great food from Barn and Trax's Mum! I was supposed to share, but I eat fast you know.... =) See the yellow mush on my nose? fast!

And finally, here's the "group photo" that never happened. Haha...yah, us dogs couldn't stay still for our lives.

Well, let's meet up again ok? But perhaps make it last longer? Huh? Huh? Huh? Oh, and the pumpkin, pancakes, muffins...they were great!


Luckie the Dachie said...

Hi hi Benny,
Yeah, next time we meet up for a longer time yes? Too bad you didn't want to share the yummy treat with me. hehe..but it's ok.. :)

Ume said...

hi Benny,
i read about the outing from Luckie's and Reina's blogs.
u doggies reali looked like u had lotsa fun!

Benny said...

hi! Yep, let's meet up longer...and well, u picky eater so while u thinking about it, I eat lor. Haha...!

Hi Ume! Your blog is cute! And i like the slippers...thanks for dropping by and come back soon!