Monday, 2 June 2008

What fine weather for SLEEPING!

Woof! The weather has been quite funny lately according to Mummy. I admit its kinda hot at times but with the fan or aircon on, or right after the rain, I find that its perfect weather for a good snooze.

So to give my respect to this fine "sport" of "sleeping", I shall compile my snoozing photos here. =D

Here's the classic sleeping face:

I can't fit into the bed so body inside, head outside:

This is what happens when I keep my head in the bed, notice the "floating ass" effect:

Happy feet, I got those happy feet...:

How curved can I get?

Standard "dead dog" sleeping position:

Rotate to other standard "expose ur belly" sleeping position:

This is my old den, between the fridge and the wall. Nice and cosy:

And the foetal position:

Yeps, its a sport right? After all contortion isn't the easiest thing in the world you know. Gymnastics is a sport, so I think sleeping should be too! Okay, I'm off to train now. Zzzz.... =P


Barn2 (Barnabas Ju-Ern) the Samsengkia said...

My Ko Ko Barn2 loves to bite my behind. I like your 'flying ass' pix. Your behind is in the air. I will tell my Ko Ko....hee hee...

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