Sunday, 8 June 2008

Me, Lucky, Clare, Dopey

The title above in the order of age, of course from the oldest to the youngest. You will notice that Dopey is the most INSANE of the bunch. He's always "attacking" me and wrestling. Cute fella! Then there's Clare who is focused on the soccer ball and almost nothing else. And Lucky, who is smart and keeps herself safe away (most of the time, until the end) from the 2 wrestling male bodies flying across the floor.

Here's how it started. Clare and I were running around chasing the nice fluffy soccer ball that Aunty L brought over. Little Dopey kept throwing himself into the mix like so:

Clare is stunned. "Why isn't Benny chasing after the really captivating soccer ball anymore?"

Sorry Clare, but Dopey needed more training in wrestling cos his brother Roo is bigger than he is so I need to give the little fella some tips. Like how to gain leverage by being on his head (1 head 2 bodied corgi!) and how to drool all over the floor by running around with your tongue hanging out!

In the meantime, Lucky's chewing on the plastic bone and getting hugs from her daddy.

By the end of the day, Lucky decided to take a look around at why we are making a ruckus...she decides to go at Dopey cos he's the only one smaller than her!

Here I am breaking up the fight like a good kor kor. (Mummy: Rubbish! He was simply telling the 2 of them to include him in the fun. =P

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dopey's mummy said...

yeah!! i agree! Dopey's INSANE!