Friday, 30 May 2008

My new Galileo!

I recently got a new GALILEO bone...what is that you may ask? Refresh your memory by reading my original blog entry written in April last year on this fabulous bone.

It was getting a wee bit tiny and the shorter it got, the harder for me to grab hold of it with my albiet big paws but short legs. So Mummy finally took pity on me and got me a new one! Yay!

See the Old versus New and difference in length:

Notice how nice and smooth the new one is, while oldie is all chewed up. Hehheh...:

The name of the new one says "galileo"

The name of the old one says "cali" =P

Yum...i got my eyes on you!

Let's see, cali or galileo?


Well Mummy, do I get a third bone if I destroy this one too? =)


Hero said...

Hey, Benny. I found your blog through the Paw it Forward randomizer. I've never had a Galileo bone before. You need to start working on your new one so you can get even more!


Kay said...

You got some strong teeth!

YangYang said...

Hey Benny, long time no see!~~~

Wow,thats a really nice bone you have there! I must ask Mommy to get me one too!