Monday, 23 June 2008

Flyball in Singapore

First, I'd like to wish Daddy HAPPY BARKDAY!!!! I bet he and mummy had a nice time going out today cos they smelt real interesting when they got back. Bah!

Ok, back to what is I want to show u this fun sport called Flyball! It isn't easy to find flyball enthusiasts in Singapore but Mummy finally got one and they even compete!

Here's the video of them doing it correctly:

Yeps, jump jump jump jump thunk-the-box, get the ball then, jump jump jump jump. I got that. No problem right? Seems easy enough...

Alright, I admit, I need some training. So here's Mummy luring me with a tasty treat. I don't like to jump over the boards much and besides, its much easier to go around don't u think? I had only one thing on my mind: Treat!!!!!

In the end, Mummy decided that flyball may not be my thing. I have a day job and guess that's good enough cos I have so many friends! =)

1 comment:

Jessamine said...

hello there!!
i am so excited when i found your blog!!
i think my dog would love flyball as he is nuts about playing fetch and tennis balls.
could you please tell me where you took your dogs to do flyball?
i would be very grateful for any information. please post where it was.
thanks again and all the best