Thursday, 12 June 2008

Chloe - my sister???

Egads! Mummy says that she's now a Dog-Ma to Chloe. (Chloe was recently adopted by Monty and Jazze's mummy.) Thing is, Chloe may actually be my real sister! We are waiting for her microchip number to confirm this fact.

Ok, so yes, we have some similar behavioural traits like grabbing food, ball crazy, ocassionally barkish, good looking =P. But, honestly, if she is my sister, I bet she's the younger "irritating" sibling. Heh heh...more of that story another time.

What happened at the Pawsitive Sensations store this time was first Chloe spied a funny looking butt:

Lucky wasn't partcularly amused and gave her the "look". =P

So Chloe hides under the chair and gives her sweet "I'm sorry" face.

Her cute happy face.

And her innocent face.

Ha! We know better about her, don't we Monty? Here's Monty almost looking like he's given up. Poor fellow.

Anyway, since then Chloe has improved somewhat is her training is going well. Sometimes we have sibling like quarrels but other than that she just follows me around. Honest. Not sure what she wants..maybe she's stalking me, or maybe she's just a fan of mine. Yeah!

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