Sunday, 15 June 2008


Mummy finally told me what the trips to doggy places has been all about - besides to bring me to fun places.

Apparantly, Mummy is the host of this new fangled thing that's a Podcast. No, its not edible. The show title is "It's A Dog's Life".

Hmmph. Yah man, they should ask me what work I do you know. I work hard and am the PR manager at Pawsitive Sensations, I greet clients and entertain them, I cheer people up, etc. Its practically a fulltime job! And unfortunately, I don't get daily massages from mummy for all my hard work. You tell me, is that fair? =P

Okok, nevertheless, my life is pretty good (Mummy: good grief!) and I get to guest star in the show. In the first episode you can even spy Clare, Barn2 and Lucky! =P

The main website that hosts the show is called and you can view the First Episode of It's A Dog's Life. Please go see and spread the word to ur friends. =D

Yeah! =) Oh, Mummy wasn't too keen on showing you the link to the bloopers, but hey, its all in good fun rite? BLOOPERS!


nicolette said...

ohmygosh the bloopers are way cool!have more benny appearances!!heehees

BWTH Dog House said...

Cool show !!!

duo_disaster said...

We heard about Sasha mentioning this podfire thingy so we thought we pop by to check out on your blog!

Just one word Benny --- COOL!

So if you're going around all the Pet Cafes in SG, you've definately have tonnes of FREE yummy goodies as your 'salary' eh?

Rudolf & Goofy

Its ME said...

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I like your blog too, benny.