Sunday, 25 May 2008

Our outing to Earth Cafe

First off, Mummy apologises for not updating sooner. This time I'll forgive her cos I saw how sick she was with the flu. Poor Mummy with high fever...hmm...could've sworn Daddy had that a few days before her. =P No Daddy, Benny not blaming u for mummy's flu. =P

Anyway, Mummy's feeling a bit better so here's the blog entry on our fun lunch at Earth Cafe.

First thing we did was take nice group family photo (L to R: Dexter with mummy, Clare with mummy and ME! with mummy).

Then we corgis were unleashed to wreck havoc in the Cafe! There was wrestling...

See Clare the terrorist corgi with the evil flashy eyes!

THen I initiated a game of catching. Woohoo! Exercise Dexter! Burn some calories b4 we eat!

Oh look! I stumbled onto the KITCHEN!

Guys! Come look!

It pays off! We looked hungry and famished and the food came!

Here's the video of us having our scrumptious meals:


The humans got to eat too!

See how happy and incredibly FULL Dexter and I are...(clare's hiding somewhere. Haha...)

WHen can we go back? Hmm? When? When? Yummy....

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Barn2 (Barnabas Ju-Ern) the Samsengkia said...

CLARE says:
Yeah!We must go there more often, Ko Ko Benny. You look very hungry. Mummy says that I must learn how to eat as fast as you. She also says that the next time, I must wear specs to hide my x-ray vision capabilities...hee hee...