Sunday, 29 March 2009

Coconut Invasion

A coconut walked into my home yesterday. There were greeting and neck biting. (sound like vampires huh!)

Anyway Coconut seems to be staying with us for a while until her mummy returns from a short holiday. I better get as much out of coconut! So yesterday made her chase me and wrestle with me until she ran out of steam! Watch the videos to see what i mean.

She sure does waste alot of energy hopping here and there don't you think? =P

Now that she's tired, she decided to sit next to the wall near mummy...

Here I am opposite her and sending her subliminal thoughts. I was asking her to move away cos that's my mummy and i want that spot.

Haha! I got the spot within 5 seconds...

Coco moved near the couch...then....

5 seconds later she fidgeted and moved to the other couch. Fidget fidget. Good grief. The whole time her super long tongue was out and dripping saliva everywhere! Arrgh!

See my tongue? Its only out abit. Boy can that girl pant these days.

And course, she fidgeted again and decided to sit in the middle of the floor...just 5 seconds later.

We commenced more wrestling. I had to show her who the boss of the house is!

She tries to flee....haha!

Gah! Open mouthes and flashy eyes! VAMPIRE corgis!

I win! Coco raised her paws in surrender. Heh. =D

Well, at the end of the day, we all sleep. Sleep is good...of course, i can jump on the bed so i'm there and coco has to settle for the floor. =P

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Its ME said...

like to meet coconut and benny again.